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December 11, 2007



Oh how much fun doing Kris Kringle. I would have knit up a unisex colored scarf in a nice pattern for the pressie. At least if the recipient doesnt wear it perhaps their partner or friend could have it. I like the little soap sack and scrubbie too, how cute a gift.


Your bath set looks lovely. :) I knitted washcloths for my volunteers last year - 7 men and two women. The men loved their knitted cloths. I chose a simple pattern and a neutral colour - a surprisingly big hit.


Oh I love that bath set, what a perfect gift. I'll absolutely keep that in mind for all the birthdays coming up after Christmas.
Thanks for the tip!
Take care


Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope you had a great and safe day

oooh yes i love the sugar wax stuff..shame her shop has nothing in it now and you can only get from her on ebay

Love the knitting

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