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December 07, 2007



My goodness Sue, your life is certainly very eventful! But the common link to all of the events I've noticed is that you touch everyone's life when they are having hardships and they all seem to get better! You must truly be an angel!

I'm so glad your Dad is doing well. It's a shame about the timing of the strike for his rehab, but at least he's coming along. I'm sure it's such a comfort to know that he so loves the socks you knit for him that he wears them all the time---the highest compliment when it comes to men and handknit items!

And I'm sure you're friend will blossom and recover completely with your loving help and care!

Hope you can find a little time to rest and take care of yourself amongst all of your caregiving! I never cease to be amazed at all you accomplish! All that, and delivering your own grandbaby, too! You are one of a kind, my dear, and I hope your family appreciates what a jewel you are!!!

So glad you'll be joining me in the swap! I just noticed the part about having to knit a "creature" to send along in the swap! Didn't notice that part when I signed up, but it will be a fun little adventure to try something different for the first time!

Sorry for the very-long post....I got on a roll. ;)
Hugs to you and yours.


I feel totally humbled by your comment Deb. Thanks for the vote of confidence in me.


glad to hear that your father and friend are doing better.

Sounds like a lot of socks are in your future.


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