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November 05, 2007



Oh, I hope you get better soon. It's terrible that you can't knit but at least you can communicate I guess.


Ooh poor you having a sore back. Paul always gets really sore back pain, and has to see a chiro for his. Apparently his lower vertabrae comes out of place so he has spasms and cant walk properly. Once he gets it fixed it is okay for a while until it pops out again. Perhaps that is what is wrong with yours. I hope it gets better soon for you so you can be mobile again and do some more knitting too.


oh no I hope you get better soon that is terrible!!! and no knitting! thats even worse! at least you can keep up to date with the soaps and do some online shopping!

well we just had our house application approved and will be moving to port melbourne in december! yeah and I look forward to catching up with you after the move!



Ugh, sorry to hear about your back problems! That's one of those injuries that it's really hard just to push through and ignore -- turns out you use your back for just about everything, right? Those airplane seats are the worst; I'm surprised more people aren't temporarily disabled by them.

I'm glad you have internet access, anyway, and I hope that you'll be knitting again soon!


Ouch! All that time in one place, and no knitting either! That really hurts! Well, at least there is the computer....

Sending (gentle) hugs your way and hope you are up and around soon! :)


I hope your back gets better real soon.

and no knitting? where that wouldnt have bothered me a few months I wouldnt be pleased.



So sorry to read that you have been immobilized from a bad back. That's dreadful! Hopefully, you'll be back on your feet soon! It sounds like you have a nice hubby and folks to try to make you as comfortable as possible until you are ambulatory again. Take care and FEEL better.

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