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November 29, 2007



Geez. Ooops, indeed! Aside from the poor laptop, glad to hear everything is going well and has been a little less "exciting" for you lately! :)


OOh I would not have been pleased and just the "ooops" honestly!!

knitting looks great...jealous about the new pattern books



Wasn't sure how to contact you but you commented on my doily dishcloth on Flickr. Thanks so much, I appreciate it. The pattern can be found here, and it is free:


Oh I would make them pay for it too. I love your new books and I have the IK favourites one. So many nice patterns in that one. I am glad that your dad is getting better too.


That's really careless and inconsiderate of the hospital staff. I hope you get it fixed, replaced or whatever.
Glad your Dad is improving.
Your shawl looks really pretty and will be just right for cooler evenings in the summer.
Cheers Gillian


hope all is well and that the staff have paid for your laptop woes. they surely thought they would have to! maybe living in silicon valley makes me think that way, but a laptop is not a book! Hope the dad is also doing well, and happy knitting, Sue, if you are getting any. ;^)


Glad to hear your Dad is feeling better. I too think you should make them pay for the lap top, they are not cheap to buy or repair. I have the Favorite Sock book too and love all the patterns in it. Can't wait to see your shawl finished.

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