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November 13, 2007



Oh Sue I am sure that good luck is coming your way soon. You have had some nice things happen too though, with your holiday with Nat and her family. I think though for every bit of good you have received a bit of bad to go with it. Hopefully you will be able to knit soon and finish up your HRB, it looks beautiful already. Perhaps you could knit your dad some socks. I hope his rehabilitation goes well.


Keep smiling Mum. The blanket is a big green blob right now but I am sure it will be gorgeous when it comes off the needles. See you Saturday week.

Shannon B

Oh no...I hope he continues to recover fast and that you don't get too stressed out.

BTW I love how you say "Happy knitting" to us.


Sending wishes your dad's way for a speedy recovery. I'm so glad he is feeling well enough to be getting impatient and stubborn---that takes some energy!

Hope all looks up soon!


Hi Susan,Im sending lots of vibes your way!!!
Hope your Dad continues improving and also your back!!!
That Blanket looks too nice and is on my To Do list!!!!!


oh Sue I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad and hope he gets better and gives your mum a rest!!!!! glad you're a bit more mobile!

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