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October 12, 2007



oh what fun nanna is having! enjoy! I agree you have the bestest daughter and her daughter! gorgeous photos and keep having fun....also glad your son listened to the expert....I mean mum

Shannon B

What a lovely family...and I'm sorry to hear about the saw blade. Actually I think my exact words were "Urgh -- bleh!".


Those are beautiful grandchildren that you have. Girls always have a way of wrapping you around their little finger dont they. I know ours does. I hope your son is okay, and it is nothing too serious. You seem to be having a bit of bad luck lately, so I hope after this that the rest of the year is smooth sailing for you. I cannot wait to see your blanket too as Natalie's looks wonderful. I think I will have to attempt it one day, and the green will look wonderful.


You are definitely biased! But thank you. It is wonderful having you here. And not just so we can take advantage of you as a babysitter either!

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