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October 06, 2007



My previous dog ate a blue rat bait ... how did I know she had eaten it said the vet? Her droppings were blue said I!!! It was too late to pump her stomach, instead had high doses of Vit K - She should have died then and there but she lived another 8 years and died after having several strokes at 19 years!


Oh Susan! Nothing is so terrifying as that. I am so glad that Latte is all right. She is such a sweet little dog. Give her lots of loves.


Awwww, poor little thing (and poor you too). Glad to hear she is OK at least. You won't need any money while you're here so you should be fine being skint!


I feel for you,when our companions look sick and we cant fathom why, its a bit heart rending! Our Cashmere Bunny was farmed out to friends for 3 nights while we went to Perth for the show and he lost weight and was Not himself when we retreaved him,makes me not want to go anywhere now!!!!


Oh thank heavens that Latte is okay. There is nothing worse than seeing your pets in pain and thinking the worse. You were such a good mummy to take her straight away to the vets and save her. Even though it is a lot of money to take them it is always worth it isnt it. I hope you enjoy your holiday too, and that you can enjoy yourself and not fret too much.


I am so glad to hear she is ok..what a terrible thing for you and her to go through.

biggest hugs to you



What a horrible experience for poor little Latte and for you as well! I'm SO glad she is okay--she is such a little sweetie! And who would be earth-mama to all of those poor stray kittens if something were to happen to her? I know all too well that feeling of panic while rushing a very-loved pet to the vet in an emergency, so I can sympathize with what you are going through. I'm so glad she stuck by you while she was ill so you would wake and help her!

All the best to Latte in her recovery,and to you for your frazzled nerves! :)


Aww poor puppy, glad to hear that she is OK now. And poor you too I know what it's like as I've had a few emergency trips to the vet also.

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