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October 25, 2007



Nice pics Mum. The meerkat 'enclosure' is actually just the Meerkat Kiosk which is only open on weekends I think. We actually never got around to the meerkat display (in the african savannah area) as we really only managed to get around to about a quarter of the zoo (thanks to grumpy kids and worn out me). Love and miss you.


Great photos of you and your family. I cant wait to see the HRB. I printed out the pattern but must have missed the abbreviations as I cant find what the "O" means in the doily pattern and what Jared has for his chart. Did I miss a few pages?

Shannon B

I'm just laughing at the fake nose-picking in that "just hangin'" picture.

Also there's a funny optical illusion where it looks like your left arm is abnormally tiny and your grandson's left arm is abnormally huge.

I LOVE the orangutan enclosure too!

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