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September 19, 2007



Oh goodness what a horrible week you have had. I hope your car gets repaired soon for you so you can go and visit your Nana friend. I hope she will be alright. I remember when my nan was alive and fell over and broke her hip. She was in so much pain and it took quite a while for her to recover too. I do hope that good things will happen in your life soon.


Where are you? What are you doing? So long between posts Mum and I start to get worried. Love you.


Hi Susan, So sorry to hear about your adopted Nan,I worry about my own Grandmother whose in her eighties and also getting frail! response to your question! Thanks for visiting too...a lazy kate holds the bobbins of handspun wool so they can be plied together for two to three ply yarns,this kate is a precision one that has tension applied so they run evenly preventing one rolling fatser than the other! Hope that makes sense!! Cheers!

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