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September 27, 2007


Shannon B

I'm with you - it's ugly.

But the Governor's Residence is beautiful, and seeing the Tennis Centre was just like a celebrity sighting (Mr. HalfSoled is a huge fan and we always watch the grand slam tournaments).

Good for you for braving your jitters. I went up the CN tower where they have the same kind of thing - glass viewing deck at the top. It was neat but unfortunately slightly dirty and scratched so you didn't get that really convincing illusion of nothing under you.


OMG you're a brave gal. It's sounds amazing and yet so scary! Hope your friend is feeling better and that you run out of bad luck with that car of yours. take care


Happy Anniversary! Made my knees shake just thinking about seeing the ground that far below my feet! Glad you had fun. I know I would have been clinging to the rail!


Congratulations on your Anniversary! :0)


Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. You are VERY BRAVE as I could feel the nervousness and dizzyness just by reading your post, and I am extremely terrified of heights. I could just imagine how you were feeling, and you even entered the box too. I have seen it on tv and I dont think I could do it. You had wonderful views and your photos look great.


Congratulations on your anniversary. There is no way in the world that I could go to the top. I feel giddy looking at the building from a distance!!

Jeff's Shed, Brack's Shack .... wot about Brumby's Bungalow ???

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